Comprehensive Information on Licensing and Insurance for E-Bikes

E-bikes are becoming popular in India as sustainable and efficient means of transportation. These bikes offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional vehicles running on fossil fuels, blending the convenience of cycling with motorised support.

With the convenience of e-bikes, one also has to follow licensing and insurance requirements for e-bikes, and that can vary from country to country. The policies, rules, and regulations change over time. In the era of rising fuel prices, E-bike provide a very easy way of transport and on-place charging and you may prefer buying it.

So, to make the administrative process easy for you, let us delve deep into its licensing and insurance aspects.

 Overview of E-Bike Licence Requirements

In India, getting a licence for your E-bike depends on your bike’s motor power and speed. As per ongoing guidelines of the Motor-Vehicle Act in India, any bike with a speed of less than 25 km and a power capacity of up to 250 watts is not considered a motor vehicle. Therefore, only E-bikes exceeding 25 km/hour and equipped with motors powerful than 250 watts are required to possess a valid electric bike driving licence.

This regulation ensures the same safety standards for e-bike riders as for other motorised vehicles. But still to be able to ride on roads safely, one should always opt for a licence even though not mandated by the law.

 Insurance for E-Bikes

Insuring your electric vehicle will protect you from an uncertain financial loss caused by the bike. It is preferable to apply for an electric bike insurance policy. Let’s have a look if ebike insurance is legally required.

 Is it Mandatory to Have Insurance for an E-bike?

In India, it is not compulsory to get insurance for e-bikes in many places. This is because e-bikes are often classified as low-speed and low-power vehicles. Even when currently it is not mandated by law, one should protect his/her possessions from fire, theft, accident, etc., with the help of insurance.

 Types of Insurance for E-Bikes

 Third Party Insurance

Third-party insurance for bikes is a kind of insurance policy that provides coverage for another party to whom any damage or loss is caused due to an accident involving your insured e-vehicle. Any expenses that a third party asks for, will be borne by the e-bike insurance provider.

 Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance

A comprehensive insurance policy also covers damage caused to you and your electric vehicle in case of an accident, along with third party damages.  Comprehensive coverage is extensive and one can choose as many insurance riders as he needs according to his requirements. Instead of looking for  cheap bike insurance, try looking for a policy that provides you the required coverage at an affordable price.

 Things to Remember While Insuring E-Bike

No doubt, safety concerns are to be taken care of while riding. One should always wear a helmet while riding and get their bikes serviced timely. Still, it is wise to have insurance to protect yourself from any uncertainty. Before purchasing one for your electric vehicle, you should remember the following  points:

 Understand Insurance Coverage Needs

Before purchasing an insurance policy, you must understand what coverage you need. Consider the risks you might face, like accidents, damage, or theft. Several policies cover the cost of repair when your bike gets damaged, while others might help you pay for medical bills in case you are injured during your bike accident. It is about determining what insurance suits you and your bike best.

 Choose Right Insurance Provider

While looking for an insurance provider for your e-bike, one must first search for insurance companies that provide insurance for your electric vehicle. Some companies like Tata AIG offer comprehensive policies that fit one’s needs and are also within the budget.

Always check the ratings and feedback of the insurance providers online instead of sticking to one. This will give you broader insights into every insurer and help you get the best coverage possible for your e-bike.

 Check Regional Policies

Rules for e-vehicles can be different for different states in India. You would need to check on regional policies and given clauses while buying insurance. A right insurance that fits in terms and conditions of the regional e-bike law appropriately should be picked up.


Buying an Electric vehicle is a great choice for the environment. Having an e-bike licence for your e-bike and insurance is a thoughtful consideration.

Embracing insurance coverage not only safeguards against uncertainties but also contributes to a responsible and secure e-bike riding experience. As technologies and regulations continue to evolve, it is essential to stay informed and make the right choices for your finances and good riding experiences.

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