How can artificial intelligence be used in practice?

Artificial intelligence is used in a variety of fields. Check the best sphere of highlighting the variety of use cases for AI in the nudity area right now!

The basis of artificial intelligence technologies

Deep learning neural networks consist of artificial neurons that process information. Each artificial neuron or node uses mathematical calculations to process information and solve complex problems. The deep learning approach can solve problems or automate tasks that would normally require human intelligence and can be applied for various purposes, for example, to see megan fox nudes for free. 

DeepNude took the Internet by storm last June when the software was first introduced to the market as a free basic and advanced premium version. The anonymous developer, hiding under the pseudonym Alberto, wisely decided not to make his true identity public, only that he is believed to be from Estonia.

How to receive the desired results of photo undressing?

Nudify undresses people based on photos based on the artificial intelligence model, which is additionally trained to segment people in photos and output an image of them without clothes. The algorithm for redrawing individual parts of a photo is called Inpainting and is used, for example, in the Generative Fill function in Photoshop. 

AI networks such as Nudify were trained on more diverse datasets with a larger set of features and therefore work less accurately than a profile neural network for undressing girls, additionally trained on the corresponding images.

The results vary from photo to photo, but a well-lit photo in a bikini will most likely be practically indistinguishable from the real thing – the nudify application masterfully copies skin tone, small folds and the size of the breasts and genitals. The algorithm only works with women because it’s easier to find images of beauties on the Internet, but it also hopes to create a male version.

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